Jennifer A. Stolz

Professor Emerita

Jennifer A. Stolz.
BS (Union College), PhD (University at Albany)

Contact information

Research interests

My interests center on processes underlying attention and automaticity, and how skills (primarily reading-related) are acquired, maintained, and modified by context. Of particular interest to me is how attention interacts with, and is affected by, codes important for reading (e.g., semantics). For instance, is a word's meaning automatically retrieved each time we encounter the word, or is the retrieval of meaning context dependent?

I am also interested in exploring the interaction between attention and consciousness.

Selected publications

  • Stolz, J. A., Besner, D., & Carr, T. H. (2005). Semantic priming is robust but unreliable: Inherent noise and strategic control in the activation and evaluation of semantic knowledge. Visual Cognition, 12, 284 - 336.
  • Stolz, J. A., & Jolicoeur, P. (2004). Changing features do not guide attention in change detection: Evidence from a spatial cuing paradigm. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 11, 870-875.
  • Stolz, J. A., & Stevanovski, B. (2004). Interactive activation in visual word recognition: Constraints imposed by the joint effects of spatial attention and semantics. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 30, 1064-1076.


  • Premier's Research Excellence Award
  • American Psychological Association Division 3 Young Researcher Award