Maksim Rudnev

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Research Interests

For many years, my research has been focused on basic human values as they appear across nations. More recently, I got interested in perceptions of older adults and lay theories of wisdom, both in a cross-cultural perspective. Simultaneously, I pursue a track of methodological research. In particular, I investigated a complex role of ipsatization and effects of accounting for measurement error in the values research. I contributed to to the measurement invariance methods, including invariance of the second-order factors and latent classes. Currently I am developing an R package featuring a method for identifying clusters of invariant groups in a network-like representation.

Representative Publications

  • Rudnev M. & Vauclair C.-M.  (2022) Revisiting Cowgill’s Modernisation Theory: Perceived Social Status of Older Adults Across 58 Countries. Ageing & Society,1-18. 
  • Remizova A., Rudnev M., & Davidov E. (2022) In Search of a Comparable Measure of Generalized Individual Religiosity in the World Values Survey. Sociological Methods and Research.
  • Rudnev M. (2021) Caveats of Non-Ipsatization of Basic Values: A review of issues and a simulation study. Journal of Research in Personality, 93, 104118. 
  • Rudnev M. (2021) Political Participation and Basic Values in Europe: Replication and Extension of Vecchione et al. (2015). British Journal of Psychology, 112(4). 
  • Rudnev M., Magun V., & Schwartz S. H. (2018). Relations Among Higher Order Values Around the World. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 49(8), 1165-1182. 
  • Magun V., Rudnev M., & Schmidt P. (2016) Within- and Between-Country Value Diversity in Europe: A Typological approach. European Sociological Review, 32(2), 189-202.