Paul Wehr


head shot of Dr. Paul Wehr
BA, McMaster

MA, California State University, Long Beach

PhD, University of British Columbia

Contact information

Teaching interests

My passion is for undergraduate instruction and support.  Trained as a scientist in evolutionary psychology, I have the background and experience to teach a large number of core undergraduate courses including Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics, Social Psychology, Cultural psychology, and a number of evolutionary themed upper level psychology courses.  Presently, my focus is on course development, and the use of student response systems (SRS) in the classroom. Some pedagogical techniques I utilize in addition to SRS include scaffolding assignments, team-teaching, and problem-focused instruction. 

In terms of student support, I focus on skills training and undergraduate advising.  In addition to an official advising role within the Psychology Department, I consult on a variety of topics – such as note taking, exam prep, library research, and scientific writing – that help students to adapt and succeed in university and beyond. I encourage student-instructor interaction by making myself more accessible to students during extended weekly office hours.