Stephanie Denison

Associate Professor; Associate Chair Undergraduate Affairs

Dr. Stephanie Denison
BA (UBC), PhD (University of California, Berkeley)

Contact information

Developmental Learning Lab

Research interests

I am the director of the Developmental Learning Lab and co-PI for CORAL (the Child Online Research Activities Lab). My students and I study infant and early childhood cognition, mostly as it relates to how children learn and how they use multiple types of information in their inferences.

I serve on the governing board of the Cognitive Science Society.

Current topics of interest in the lab include:

  • Infant probabilistic reasoning
  • How children attribute preferences and desires to others
  • The development of heuristics and biases
  • How children use probability to infer others’ emotions
  • The cues that infants use to detect agency
  • Multi-modal ratio abstraction in infancy and early childhood
  • How children learn in informal (i.e., museum) settings

Selected publications