Psychology course outlines - Spring 2020

For courses ending in R, please contact Renison's Registrar's office.

For courses ending in J, please contact Christina Mancini.

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101 (PDF) Introductory Psychology Rebecca Blackie
PSYCH 207  Cognitive Processes Jonathan Fugelsang and Jennifer Stolz
PSYCH 236 J Psych Analysis Human Sexuality Stacey Jacobs
PSYCH 256  Intro to Cognitive Science Dylon McChesney
PSYCH 257 (PDF) Psychopathology Meagan MacKenzie
PSYCH 261 001 Physiological Psychology Dan Smilek 
PSYCH 264 Research Apprenticeship Find a supervisor
PSYCH 292  Basic Data Analysis Ethan Meyers
PSYCH 306 (PDF) Perception Linda Carson
PSYCH 312 J Learning Disabilities  Maureen Drysdale (STJ)
PSYCH 314 (PDF) Cognitive Development Ori Friedman
PSYCH 354 R Interpersonal Relations Denise Marigold
PSYCH 355 (PDF) Intergroup Relations Harrison Oakes
PSYCH 356R ONL  Personality Rick Coupland (REN)
PSYCH 390 (PDF) Natural Science Advanced Research Methods - Topic: Research in Human Cognitive Neuroscience Paul Wehr
PSYCH 398R/399R Independent Study

Hsiao D'Ailly/
Denise Marigold/
Christine Logel

PSYCH 464 Advanced Research Apprenticeship Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 470 (PDF) Topics in Applied Psychology - Intergroup Relations Harrison Oakes
PSYCH 480 Directed Studies - Elective Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 481 Directed Studies - Natural Science Advanced Psychology Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 482 Directed Studies - Social Science Advanced Psychology Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 483 Directed Studies - Natural Science Research Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 484 Directed Studies - Social Science Research Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 485 Directed Studies - Seminar Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 486 Directed Studies - Advanced Statistics Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 490R Special Studies

Hsiao D'Ailly/
Christine Logel/
Denise Marigold

PSYCH 499/A/B/C Honours Thesis Course Co-ordinator: Richard Eibach