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Ian GotlibIan Gotlib

Stanford Mood and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory

Ian is the David Starr Jordan Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Stanford University. In his research Ian examines cognitive, social, endocrinological, and genetic factors, as well as brain structure and function, in depressed individuals. He also studies predictors of depression in young children with a family history of this disorder. In this context, Ian is assessing the impact of innovative procedures, designed to improve cognitive and neural function, to reduce children’s risk for developing depression. Ian is grateful to the clinical faculty at uWaterloo for continually emphasizing the importance of integrating clinical practice and science.

Karen RowaKaren Rowa in front of the bookshelf.

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

I work as a psychologist at the Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University. My position involves several roles, including providing direct clinical service to people with anxiety disorders, supervising both clinical and research learners, providing workshops and seminars on the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, and conducting clinical research. The breadth and diversity of my position are appealing to me and one of the reasons I love going to work. My training at the University of Waterloo ideally prepared me for such a position. The clinical psychology graduate program provided top notch research and clinical training, as well as exposure to the broad variety of roles a clinical psychologist can take on.


Christine Purdon, Professor, Director of Clinical Training

Allison Kelly, Acting Executive Director of the CMHRT 

Marjory Phillips, Director of the CMHRT 

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