Mondays, 12:30 - 2:30pm

  Fall 2021

Date               Presenter Topic/Title
Sept 20, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Sept 27, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Oct 4, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Oct 11, 2021 Reading Week  
Oct 18, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Oct 25, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Nov 1, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Nov 8, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Nov 15, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Nov 22, 2021 Midori Nishioka Overall Justice and Credibility of Unfair Incidents
Nov 29, 2021 Rochelle Evans Conformity and Self-Perceptions
Dec 6, 2021 Anna Godollei Fear or Embrace? Employee's Divergent Appraisals and Reactions to Automation at Work (A Job Talk)
Dec 13, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Dec 20, 2021 No Brown Bag  
Dec 27, 2021 No Brown Bag  

 Winter 2022

Date Name Topic/Titlte
Jan 3, 2022 No Brown Bag  
Jan 10, 2022 Roxy Merkand Don't Ask. Ill Tell: Examining Disability Disclosure at Work
Jan 17, 2022 Denise Law What Hurts the Most-Not Being So Close? Meta-analytic Comparison of Why Ostracism Lowers OCB at Work
Jan 24, 2022 Amy Minnikin The Relationship Between Percieved Subordinate Mental Health and Manager Performance Appraisal Motives
Jan 31, 2022 Carlo Isola Leadership Behaviour and Self Reactions: The Impact of Leader Coaching Behaviour on Authenticity and Well-Being
Feb 7, 2022 Sarah Towers Understanding the Decision to Enroll in a Massive Open Online Course
Feb 14, 2022 Amy Barron Managerial Downplaying of Sexual Harrasment Claims in the Workplace
Feb 21, 2022 Reading Week  
Feb 28, 2022 Arden Flow The Impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Cognitive Failures and Downstream Outcomes
Mar 7, 2022 Muriel Tang “I” or “We” When Delivering Bad News? The Effects of Self-Construal on Managerial Enactment of Interpersonal and Informational Justice
Mar 14, 2022 Kennedy Westlake Worth the effort? The effects of task-centrality, annoyance, and arrogance on manager effort allocation during feedback-seeking episodes
Mar 21, 2022

Taylor Carrol

Mitigating managers' experience of self-control depletion after enacting procedural justice: The restorative power of self-affirmation
Mar 28, 2022 Amy Li, Amrit Kaler Women’s self-reactions to their own anger / TBA
Apr 4, 2022 Shane Gibson, Harshadaa Deshpande Feeling like a square peg in a round hole: how fit perceptions undermine transitions from education to the workforce for females in STEM/I see it now: Abstract construal and endorsement of sexism