Graduate: Lauren Banga

  • Favourite UW Memory: All of the amazing people I have met!

 Graduate: Brett Carter

  • Favourite UW Memory: Fighting the geese for a piece of my sandwich.

 Graduate: Anna Chow

  • Favourite UW Memory: Being chased by a goose.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Getting lost in PAS.
  • What I'll miss the most: My friends that I've made throughout my undergrad experience.

 Graduate: Alexandra Churinsky

  • Favourite UW Memory: Being with friends and going to class.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Taking Psychology of Death and Dying - such an interesting class taught by an incredible prof.
  • What I'll miss the most:  Being able to walk around campus and feeling apart of the UW community!

 Graduate: Michaela De Groot

  • Favourite UW Memory: Discussions in seminar classes.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Tiffany Doan’s social cognitive development class. 
  • What I'll miss the most: Friends and having exciting classes. 

 Graduate: John Elten

  • Favourite UW Memory: The people. In any place, it's the people that make all the difference, and at UW it is no different. My professors, who were knowledgeable, insightful, and approachable, were wonderful teachers, and I look forward to working with them again in the future! My classmates and peers were also warm, friendly, and caring. The people are what make the university experience truly worth it, and I may be biased but I think UW has the best :) 
  • What I'll miss most:  Like any place, it's the people that make it special, and that's what I'll miss most about UW. The people; friends, professors, and peers all make the university a special place, and gave me a great experience that I'll never forget!

 Graduate: Tayler Evans

  • Favourite UW Memory: My favourite memory at UW was meeting my best friend in first year. We didn’t know it then, but sitting next to each other in SOC 101 was the best decision we ever could have made! Jamie, if you see this, just know I love and appreciate you and you made my UW experience the best it could have ever been! 
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: My favourite psychology memory was taking an honours seminar in fourth year about a topic that completely aligned with my interests. I’ve never enjoyed a class so much and it reminded me why I studied psychology for so long!
  • What I'll miss most: I will miss seeing my friends and fellow students every day, studying on the DP tenth floor and getting to give back to the community by taking part in charitable fundraisers by clubs like Greek Council. 

 Graduate: Brittany Felice

  • Brittany Felice and friend Favourite UW Memory: Meeting great professors and students who have taught me so much and allowed me to grow into the person I am today!

    Being involved in Orientation weeks, welcoming freshman into their first year of UWaterloo. 

    Meeting friends that will last a lifetime.

    Experiencing co-op, which allowed me to get a jump start on my career.

 Graduate: Siann Gault

  • Siann Gault and friends Favourite Psychology Memory: Getting to know how lovely the people in the Psychology department are through my time working in their labs :)
  • What I'll miss most: Daily time spent with wonderful friends and lovely colleagues.

 Graduate: Oluwafunmi George 

  • oFavourite UW Memory: There are a few. A lot of them happened off campus but I would have to say the late nights and early mornings at DC/DP to study with my friends. Though I remember always being  stressed, there was a lot of laughter and all round good vibes. 
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: The research aspect of the program would probably be my favourite memory because it’s how I slowly discovered what I wanted to pursue as a career. 
  • What I'll miss most: I will my friends and having them around almost 24/7. I guess at the end of the day it’s the people that make the best memories. 

 Graduate: Marlee Gross

  • Favourite UW Memory: Playing for the Women’s Rugby team.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Shane’s bitemoji and memes.
  • What I'll miss most: My friends and the campus. 

 Graduate: Melissa Hao

  • Favourite UW Memory:  Being in clubs and being involved in orientation!
  • Favourite Psychology Memory:  Taking all the interesting classes and participating in psych studies!
  • What I'll miss most: All the people and the community.

 Graduate: Jessica He

  • Favourite UW Memory: All the fun times at Bomber, especially on Wednesdays.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Definitely the family therapy sessions in Psych 363, they were super eye opening and so interesting.
  • What I'll miss most: The close physical proximity to all the friends I made here throughout my time here.

 Graduate: Ayah Hussein

  • Favourite UW Memory: My favourite memory at UWaterloo was a bonfire and s'mores night the I organized for a university club I was volunteering with. It was at the Columbia Lake fire pit, and the views and atmosphere were amazing. All my friends came, everyone enjoyed the food and the event. 
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Some of my favourite memories are the first few days of my psych classes where I get to know the professor and the class a bit better.
  • What I'll miss most: I will miss the campus, the people, the atmosphere, and everything else! Waterloo was the best University for me and my experience was amazing!

 Graduate: Hassan Usman Ilahi

  • Favourite UW Memory: My fondest memory is attending the lectures at Arts Lecture Hall (AL) for my psychology classes. I spent most of my time studying and attending classes in this building.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: My favorite memory from my time in the PSYCH program is the exams I wrote after studying relentlessly for them.
  • What I'll miss most: In the end, I will miss the inspirational teachers, collaborative classmates and classes that I took at UWaterloo. I truly enjoyed my experiences and look forward to coming back soon for graduate studies in the future.

 Graduate: Kaitlyn Ip

  • Favourite UW Memory: Walking across campus.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Participating in SONA researches.
  • What I'll miss most:  Meeting different students and professors.

 Graduate: Fahar Kabir

  • Favourite UW Memory: Orientation Week!
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: The interesting discussions that took place in class.
  • What I'll miss most: The friends and the food. 

Graduate: Sharva Katagi

  • Favourite UW Memory: Finding my way around PAS for the first time and getting lost.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Speaking with the profs and visiting their office hours! My Psych profs helped me plan out my post-grad life as well as my career, and I loved getting guidance and advice from them.
  • What I'll miss most: I'll miss the campus the most. Studying in SJ2 after hours, grabbing Chatime in between classes, hanging out on the benches in front of the pond outside the health centre, are just a few of the things I will miss the most. Most of all, I miss the feeling of belonging to a community.

Graduate: Daria Kondrateva

  • Daria KondratevaWhat I'll miss most: Throughout my undergrad, I have met many kind-hearted, insightful critical thinkers here at UWaterloo. It has been truly a privilege to work, learn and grow alongside my brilliant peers and mentors. I will miss making these connections the most!

Graduate: Omotomilola Kosoko

  • Omotomilola Kosoko in a circle with friendsFavourite UW Memory: Being a don at Renison!!
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Taking part in SONA studies.
  • What I'll miss the most: Renison

 Graduate: Christina Kwong

  • Favourite UW Memory: My favourite memory at UWaterloo is meeting all my best friends!
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: My favourite memory from being in the psychology department is learning in small seminar classes. When the class was small we always had some good conversations!
  • What I'll miss most: I will miss everything about UWaterloo, the classes, the profs, and especially all the friends that i’ve made along the way! 

 Graduate: Katherine Muir

  • Kathrine Muir and FriendFavourite UW Memory: All the friends I made and the nights put together. 
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Learning all about cognitive and neuro psychology.
  • What I'll miss most: Having all my friends and I centered in one place

Graduate: Alira Nathoo

  • Favourite UW Memory: Joining clubs and discovering my passion of becoming a professional dancer. Also through that meeting a great group of people and making lifelong friendships.
  • What I'll miss most: My friends, the student life and all the clubs I was a part of

Graduate: Langelihle Ncube

  • Favourite UW Memory: Being a part of UW-BASE.

 Graduate: Vanessa Otele

  • Favourite UW Memory: The haunted house during my orientation in first year and the yearly carnivals/roller coasters.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Learning and practicing how to conduct experiments.
  • What I'll miss most: The big campus, the various food courts and getting lost in PAS lol.

 Graduate: Priya Pabla

  • Favourite UW Memory: Spending time with friends! In classes and out!
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: The plethora of interesting courses offered - I particularly loved PSYCH 230/ LS 272 because it allowed me to study content that was relevant to both my major and minor.
  • What I'll miss most:  My friends, the city, and being able to learn in such a positive classroom environment.

 Graduate: Samina Puvaneswaran

  • S PuvanesweranFavourite UW Memory: Getting lost and sleeping in PAS building.
  • Favourite Psychcology Memory: Learning anything and everything about child development!
  • What I'll miss most: Chilling at the HH Hub in between classes.

 Graduate: Hang Ren

  • Favourite UW Memory: I met a lot of great people here, and some of them became good friends of mine.

 Graduate: Hunter Rose

  • Favourite UW Memory: Doing data entry in the DIGR Lab with the lab manager and other research assistants and just cracking sarcastic jokes together the whole time.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Taking Ori Freidman's developmental psych class and watching him act out all the different child development theories.
  • What I'll miss most: Learning about topics that not only interest me, but make me a better human with more compassion, empathy, and understanding for those around me.

 Graduate: Aislynn Scott

  • Favourite UW Memory: First year meeting my best friends.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: First year psych with Paul Wehr.
  • What I'll miss most: The profs.

 Graduate: Mansi Shah

  • Favourite UW Memory: Arts destress events and summer terms on campus! 

 Graduate: Chun Tang

  • Chun TangFavourite UW Memory: I found that some trees have googly eyes on them near DP.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Abnormal psychology is the best course I've had in Uwaterloo.
  • What I'll miss most: The shoe tag fitness program at PAC.

 Olivia Teasdale on a snowy hillGraduate: Olivia Teasdale

Graduate: Kenique Toppin

  • Kenique Toppin pictureFavourite UW Memory: My favourite memories at UW are performing and travelling with the UW A cappella club and working at the Alumni Call Center with my wonderful coworkers and managers.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: My favourite memories from my time in Psychology are the times I spent having interesting classroom discussions and getting to know other psych majors.
  • What I'll miss most: I will miss the community at UWaterloo the most. I will miss the familiarity I had with the campus - knowing the best spots to eat, study and hang out. Mostly I will miss being able to see friends, faculty and coworkers around campus.

Graduate: Tiffany Tsui

  • Tiffany Tsui with FriendsFavourite UW Memory: The one time Andraya came to class before me and brought me a Tim Hortons muffin.
  • What I'll miss most: South Campus Hall.

 Graduate: Ching Chuan Wu

  • Favourite UW Memory: Running Club Konja.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: To think about the "thinking" process.
  • What I'll miss most: Goose

Graduate: Mu Yang

  • M on benchFavourite UW Memory: I enjoy finding the buildings that I haven't heard before, yet seeing famaliar faces everywhere I go.
  • Favourite Psychology Memory: Participating in those experiments are so enjoyable.
  • What I'll miss most: I lost nearly 30lbs in my third year at UW, this honestly make me so proud.