A Bridge to 2020: Waterloo's next Strategic Plan

In 2018, Waterloo completed its 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. Building on the outcomes from this plan, the University is currently developing the next strategic plan, slated to begin in 2020.

The University of Waterloo is committed to robust, transparent and engaged strategic planning. The Strategic Plan offers an important opportunity to reflect on the University’s current environment, identify evolving needs, and to engage stakeholders and community to identify the institution’s future direction. Waterloo’s Strategic Plan will connect the organization’s mission, vision and values to a plan for getting there.

Our new strategic plan

Our new strategic plan will build on our prior plans but at Waterloo, our unrelenting quest to build a better future means we won’t rest on what we’ve done.

Building on our 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, the new strategic plan will determine Waterloo’s direction for the next five years. This Bridge to 2020 is a vital planning process. It connects our accomplishments, reflections, and efforts on the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan with the development of our bold vision for 2020-2025. The purpose of this “bridge” is to provide an opportunity for Waterloo stakeholders to review the evidence and information to understand our progress over the last five years, and help us chart our way forward for 2020.

The process

There are five stages in this process:

  1. Evidence gathering
  2. Consultations
  3. Priority setting
  4. Strategic plan development 
  5. Approval

We are currently in the strategic plan development phase.

Once the strategic plan is approved by Waterloo’s leaders, Waterloo students, faculty and administration to develop an implementation plan and accountability framework.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to view the Bridge to 2020 internal site to learn more about the process, and ongoing opportunities for their input.

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