Vibrant Student Experience

2018 GOAL » Ensure that students have an engaging, purposeful and relevant experience

Waterloo attracts the world’s best, brightest and most motivated students, offering them the opportunity to become something more. Students are inspired in an environment of imagination, innovation and interdisciplinary endeavours. The confluence of remarkable classroom, campus and community experience at Waterloo transforms excellent students into extraordinary alumni uniquely equipped to contribute to society and lead change.

2013-2018 objectives

Waterloo will enrich the student experience with a student-focused approach to services.

The University will expand the range of experiences, programs and supports designed to develop student potential, and build a stronger sense of community connection for students both on and off campus. By 2018, these efforts will:

  • Deliver excellent student services through an integrated student-focused approach
  • Provide enabling experiences, programs and supports, including student leadership development opportunities in order to develop student potential and foster student success 
  • Develop strong partnerships within and between academic and non-academic units to enhance the positive student experience
  • Build a community of communities by providing an environment where students, faculty and staff can connect
  • Deepen the connections between students and the City of Waterloo community

Measuring progress and outcomes

Providing a more satisfying experience for students involves every aspect of Waterloo’s community. To understand our progress and impact in this vital theme area, theme leads have identified key indicators and measures that will tracking progress and impacts in student experience over the five year term of the Strategic Plan.

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