Global Prominence and Internationalization

2018 GOAL » Become one of the most internationalized universities in Canada

At Waterloo, internationalization offers the diversity of experience and insight vital to answering the world’s most pressing questions.

And Waterloo is committed to answering them. A network of international research and industry partnerships, learning opportunities, field programs, alumni connections and work placements will help Waterloo graduates lead in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. Our ultimate goal: to improve the world and help Canada to lead in the world economy.

2013-2018 objectives

Broad impact requires broad understanding and outlook. Led by the Global Prominence and Internationalization Theme Team, by 2018 Waterloo will:

  • Be recognized internationally for excellence and innovation in education, research and scholarship
  • Educate globally literate and world-ready graduates

Measuring progress and outcomes

Higher education has gone global, and working towards our goals and objectives in this area requires unwavering commitment and careful planning. As part of the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan’s Accountability Framework, the Global Prominence and Internationalization Theme Team identified how the learning and research environment will be measured to ensure it prepares students, faculty and staff to function in an increasingly integrated, global environment.

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