Sound Value System Implementation Plan

Sound Value System Implementation Plan 2013-2018
Actions Progress Indicators Anticipated Results
Supporting and promoting equity, diversity and integrity within the Waterloo community

Equity office and Director of Equity established

Equitable recruitment strategy for faculty established

Number of graduate students that have taken an online module on Academic Integrity

Number of staff that have taken the “Integrity Matters” workshop

Number of students and employees that attend equity-related development sessions

Number of employees who attend inclusivity workshops

Waterloo embraces and supports equity, diversity, and integrity in its environment for faculty, staff and students
Creating and promoting an institutional infrastructure that reflects Waterloo’s value system

Progress on development and articulation of core values

Number of departments that have been certified by the Excellence Canada Program

Policy 33 on Ethical Behaviour has been revised

Number of policies or academic / academic support unit level strategic plans where core values are articulated
Institutional policies and procedures reflect Waterloo’s value system
Enhancing work-life policies and practices for all members of the university community

A Healthy Workplace Plan will guide wellness programs, activities and services

A higher proportion of Waterloo’s staff will participate in educational opportunities regarding wellness within the workplace
Waterloo supports work-life harmonization goals for staff, students and faculty