Transformational Research Implementation Plan

Transformational Research Implementation Plan 2013-2018
Actions Progress Indicators Anticipated Results

Communicating and celebrating Waterloo research successes more effectively to a variety of audiences, including industry

Identifying and pursuing strategic opportunities to promote Waterloo research and researchers nationally and internationally

Maintain and improve research performance in international rankings

More sponsored research chairs

Better tracking of research impacts (citations / publications)

More prestigious awards for faculty and students

Waterloo, its faculty and students will be recognized internationally for excellence and innovation in education, research and scholarship

The impact of Waterloo’s research productivity and impact will be more widely known among important stakeholders

Pursuing existing, and identifying new, emerging, legacy and inter/transdisciplinary national and international opportunities to conduct high quality research

Enhancing institutional infrastructure that supports and enables research excellence and impact

Reviewing human resources policies to ensure that they maximize opportunities to support research excellence and impact

More sponsored and diversified research funding is raised by Waterloo researchers

Increase in proportion of research conducted with industry

Infrastructure to support research is optimized

More faculty pursue research in new, emerging, legacy and inter/transdisciplinary areas

More research networks that are in new, emerging and legacy areas or are inter/transdisciplinary in nature

More publications in new, emerging, legacy and inter/transdisciplinary research areas

Waterloo’s environment and infrastructure will be optimized to maximize research excellence

Waterloo will have increased research activity and partnerships in new and emerging, interdisciplinary and legacy areas

Waterloo faculty members will attract more research funding compared to other U15 universities