Uniquely Entrepreneurial University Implementation Plan

Uniquely Entrepreneurial University Implementation Plan 2013-2018
Actions Progress Indicators Anticipated Results


Building student awareness and participation in entrepreneurship opportunities

Building new University-wide entrepreneurship programs and opportunities, including co-op

More students will participate in entrepreneurship courses and programs

More programs and Faculties will have entrepreneurship academic courses and opportunities

More students will participate in a broader range of entrepreneurship awareness activities
Waterloo students will participate in an improved and diversified range of entrepreneurship programming that promotes the formation of new ventures, entrepreneurial employees and social entrepreneurs


Expanding infrastructure to support a broad range of discovery and incubation facilities

Generating funding and bridge funding for startups and the entrepreneurship ecosystem

Increased number of startup teams that apply and are accepted into incubation programs, e.g., Velocity, Conrad, Greenhouse, Velocity - Science

More funding generated for startups

More funding generated for entrepreneurship infrastructure, programs, chairs and personnel

More students educated to be high-performing entrepreneurial employees
Waterloo will have a strong and diverse entrepreneurship ecosystem that educates, engages and sustains more startups and innovative employees across a broad range of fields and activities


Promoting and supporting entrepreneurship research at Waterloo

More students pursuing entrepreneurship and innovation related programs

More entrepreneurship-related research grants awarded to Waterloo faculty and graduate students
Waterloo will be a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation research


Maintaining Waterloo’s reputation for entrepreneurial innovation

Continuing to expand economic impact

More jobs in Waterloo Region as a result of the University’s entrepreneurial activities

Increased dollars of spending impact on Ontario GDP attributable to Waterloo innovation system

More student companies, backed by venture capital, trace their roots to Waterloo

Waterloo’s innovation system will continue to fuel the regional economy

Waterloo will retain Maclean’s ranking as most innovative university and will be one of the top 25 entrepreneurship universities in selected world rankings