Global Prominence and Internationalization Implementation Plan

Global Prominence and Internationalization Implementation Plan 2013-2018
Actions Progress Indicators Anticipated Results

Diversifying funding for international opportunities including scholarships

Facilitating student access to international experiential learning opportunities

Integrating policies and resources and optimizing administrative functions to better support internationalization

More funding available for a more diverse range of international mobility opportunities, including collaborative and degree programs

Greater awareness and understanding of learning outcomes for international experiential opportunities

Strong organizational infrastructure supporting internationalization

International students report greater satisfaction with administration

More Waterloo students and staff report receiving support for increased international mobility

Waterloo students will participate in a range of international study / work opportunities

Waterloo graduates will be “world ready” for a culturally diverse international environment

Organizational policies, processes and infrastructure will facilitate international connectivity among students and faculty

Partnering with international organizations to expand reach

Expanding research networks

More international partnerships with a wider diversity of countries and world-leading programs and institutions

More funding available for international research grants and collaborative partnerships
Waterloo’s research and educational impact will be increasingly recognized by an international audience and global rankings

Creating an environment that embraces international opportunities and facilitates faculty and staff access to international opportunities

Building an institutional international approach to recruitment and student support

More international students receive scholarships and bursaries

More international students from a more diverse range of countries enroll in, and graduate, from Waterloo

A greater proportion of faculty and staff will be internationally mobile
Outstanding university students, staff and faculty will choose to pursue their academic career at Waterloo