Transformational research

2018 GOAL » Increase the worldwide impact and recognition of University of Waterloo research

At Waterloo, curiosity is fuelled by a passion to inform — and transform — the world.

Waterloo has a proud history of addressing challenges, be they new and emerging or long-held and intractable, and finding answers. Beginning at the undergraduate level, Waterloo will build on an exceptional legacy of research strengths to foster and champion a research and learning environment that unleashes the limitless potential of the best and the brightest faculty and students. Pursuing research without borders, unrestricted by discipline – Waterloo will help to change the world.

2013-2018 objectives

By 2018, our focus on transformational research will:

  • Be recognized internationally for excellence and innovation in research, scholarship and education
  • Enable conditions which support excellence and impact
  • Increase interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research globally, nationally and locally
  • Strengthen the relationship between research and teaching at the undergraduate level
  • Build greater awareness, nationally and globally, of Waterloo’s research productivity and impact
  • Identify and seize opportunities to lead in new / emerging areas

Measuring progress and outcomes

A comprehensive and transparent accountability framework for transformational research demonstrates our progress and identifies where more work is needed on this important theme. Between 2013-2018, these indicators will show our impact and contributions to the overall Strategic Plan.

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