Outstanding Academic Programming Implementation Plan

Outstanding Academic Programming Implementation Plan 2013-2018
Actions Progress Indicators Anticipated Results
Creating excellent academic programs

More Waterloo programs are rated among the best in the world

Waterloo programs are rated higher in international rankings

A greater proportion of high quality students choose to attend Waterloo

More Waterloo doctoral students and post doctoral fellows receive prestigious awards
Waterloo academic programming is among the best in the world
Creating an academic environment to prepare graduates to address challenges and opportunities of the 21st century

A greater proportion of Waterloo graduates are successful at gaining employment

Increased proportion of Waterloo graduates will have enhanced communication skills

Increased graduate student participation in professional and transferable skills training
Waterloo graduates will be better prepared for their chosen careers paths (improved oral and written communication skills, professional and transferable skills)
Supporting and promoting excellence in academic programming

More Waterloo graduate students report receiving excellent instruction and support

Better course evaluation model and framework is implemented

More on-campus courses at Waterloo will integrate the use of leading-edge learning technologies

More Waterloo faculty will participate in instructional training

A Committee on Teaching and Learning Spaces will inform decisions on improvements to teaching and learning spaces on campus

Waterloo will have high quality teaching and learning spaces

Waterloo’s excellent teaching will be further developed and recognized
Expanding excellence in online learning programming

Waterloo will offer more online courses and fully online programs in strategic areas

More students will enroll in Waterloo’s online programs and courses and be highly satisfied with that experience
Waterloo will be a nationally recognized leader in academic online programming