Experiential Education for All Implementation Plan

Experiential Education for All Implementation Plan 2013-2018
Actions Progress Indicators Anticipated Results

Creating and implementing an organizational and research framework to support experiential education at Waterloo

Expanding the range of experiential education opportunities and employers

Building a research program for experiential education

Waterloo students will participate in a broader range of work-integrated educational experiences

More Waterloo faculty will engage in research, publish and attend conferences on experiential education

Waterloo will have a strengthened experiential education infrastructure with a wider range of experiential education opportunities

Waterloo researchers will be world leaders in experiential education, research and practice
Increasing the number and relevancy of first co-op work experiences

More, and more relevant, first work-term co-op opportunities available

Students and employers will be more satisfied with first work term co-op
Waterloo first-year students will have more academically relevant placements
Creating a recognition and incentive program to encourage instructors to incorporate experiential opportunities into non-co-op programs

More diverse range of co-op opportunities available (research co-op, service-based, international)

More instructors incorporate experiential education into non-co-op programs

Closer integration between research opportunities and co-op work terms

Expanded experiential learning opportunities
Integrating work readiness into academic programming Overall, Waterloo students will report higher rates of employment after graduation Waterloo graduates will be work-ready upon graduation
Increasing the number, and enhancing the quality, of relationships with a diverse range of co-op employers

Number of active co-op employers which are relevant to programming

Proportion of co-op employers who are professionally credentialized
Waterloo will have relationships with more co-op employers which are relevant to co-op needs programming