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Did you recently decide to attend UWaterloo, miss the first-year application deadline, or are an upper-year student that loves the convenience of living in residence?

Fall 2015 vacancies

Spaces are still available for fall residence. It's free to apply, no deposit required until we email you a room offer. All fall rooms will be given on a first-come, first-served basis:

» Apply now for fall residence

The details –

  • You might not receive an offer right away – don't worry! We are sending out offers daily until our vacancies have been filled. Room offers are sent to your @uwaterloo email account.
  • You must accept your contract by the deadline date stated on your contract.
  • Fall contracts are two-term (fall/winter or fall/spring).
  • The type of spaces available (i.e. female, male, etc.) will affect how quickly we are able to offer you a room.

Application forms

Incoming first-years

Straight out of high school or new to post-secondary education? If you have been admitted to a first-year program, you're considered an incoming first-year student. First-year application:

Upper-year undergraduates

Returning to residence or would like to live on campus for your next term? We offer all inclusive, dedicated upper-year floors in residence. Upper-year residence applications:

Exchange undergraduates

Welcome! Please note that you must be officially accepted to UWaterloo through an affiliated exchange program before we are able to offer you a home in Waterloo Residences. Exchange residence applications:

Graduate students (& Exchange graduates)

Did you know you can stay in residence as long as you are registered full-time with the University? We offer graduate students a one-term, renewable contract - you decide how long you'd like to live with us! Single & Exchange residence applications:

Family housing

Are you a current UWaterloo student with live-in dependents (spouse/partner and/or children)? You are eligible to live in our family residence in Columbia Lake Village-North. Family residence application:

Help & Support

Confused about which application to use? Contact us, we're here to help!

Experiencing issues submitting your application? Our HoME Twitter feed will keep you updated:

Information & Exceptions

Deposits & Payments

While you don't have to pay first and last months' rent, we do require a $500 (non-refundable) deposit to reserve your room! Paid deposits are deducted from your final fees owing.

First-year process: 
A $500 deposit is required as part of your Residence Community Ranking Form submission.

Upper-year & Graduate process:
A $500 deposit is paid online through your Offer of Residence (we'll send a link to your email).

Accepted forms of payment:

  • INTERAC® Online,
  • Certified cheque,
  • Money order,
  • Credit Card,
  • or Visa/Debit hybrid card *Please select 'credit card' when paying online.

Application exceptions

Student types

  • Co-op students on a local work term - please use the upper-year application process
  • Pharmacy students - please use the upper-year application process
  • Optometry students - please use the single graduate application process
  • Transfer students (from another university or college) - please contact us for guidance

Contract conditions

  • Fall residents mus:t sign a 2-term contract (fall/winter or fall/spring)
  • Winter or spring term residents may sign a 1-term contract
  • Spring residents get priority placement for the following winter term

Have you signed an off-campus lease?

If you have already signed a lease off-campus, you are obligated to abide to terms and conditions within the lease. It is uncommon and difficult to break a lease agreement. Once your lease expires you are always welcome to apply to live in rez!