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Village 1

V1 - Village 1

Village 1 (V1) was designed to offer students the ideal combination of community living and privacy.

There are equal opportunities to spend time studying alone or in groups, and to socialize with others from your house or community. Village 1 enables students to spend more time achieving their academic and personal goals and to successfully adjust to university life. 

Village 1 consists of 26 houses, separated into 4 quads. Each house has 3 or 4 floors, with 14-16 people living on each floor. Houses are co-ed, but floors and bathrooms are single sex.

Why V1 is the right FIT

  • Centrally located community centre and cafeteria is the heart of Village 1, you’ll always see someone you know
  • Cafeteria and meal plan means that you won’t have to grocery shop, cook or do any dishes
  • Single and interconnecting rooms have corkboard walls so that you can stay organized, and make your room your own with posters and pictures of friends and family
  • All houses have housekeepers to keep common areas and bathrooms clean
  • Dons in every house means that someone is always there to support you, plan events, and enforce residence policies

Fast Facts

  • Short form: V1
  • Single, double and interconnecting rooms for 1381 residents
  • 4 quads (North, South, East and West) with 6 to 8 houses in each quad
  • Each house has 50-60 students and one Don
  • Most houses are co-ed but each floor is single sex
  • For first-year students in the fall and a mix of first-year and upper-year students in winter and spring
  • On-site cafeteria and required meal plan

Campus maps [PDF]

V1 contacts

All V1 staff have offices in the Central Complex and can be reached by dialing 519-888-4567 and entering the appropriate extension.