Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Our faculty are internationally renowned and our graduate and undergraduate programs are consistently ranked among the top departments in Canada. Our department conducts high-impact research in each of the six major subdivisions of psychology listed below.



The Faculty of Arts is very proud to share that Dr. Sara A. Hart will hold the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Developmental Science, based in the Department of Psychology. Announced today by the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Innovation, Science and Industry, Hart is one of two new CERCs at Waterloo and among 34 new holders of the chair across Canada. She joins Waterloo as a full professor in spring 2024.

Recently, Cognitive Neuroscience PhD candidate, Brady Roberts, aimed to investigate how well symbols are remembered compared to words with the same meaning. “Symbols might be more easily remembered because they give concrete visuals to abstract ideas,” said Roberts, "When we think about abstract concepts, like love, it can be difficult to visualize clearly. But with symbols, we can use a sort of image that represents the concept – like a heart for love – which makes the abstract idea more concrete and therefore easier to remember."