Psychology work-term report requirements and instructions

All students in Honours Psychology Co-op (BA and BSc) as well as Honours Psychology and Arts and Business Co-op are required to submit a work-term report to the Psychology Department for evaluation following completion of each of work terms 2, 3, and 4.

If you have back-to-back work terms you must submit a separate report for each term by the submission deadline.

Completion of PD 11 or 12 counts as your first work term report; you do not have to submit a work term report to the Psychology department during your first work term.

The Psychology department's work term report requirements are different than the Arts work term report guidelines. If your first major is Psychology, please complete your work reports according to the Psychology department criteria below. Because of the content and size of the Psychology work-term reports, these reports cannot be considered for Work-Term Report Awards.

You should provide your employer with a copy of the Psychology work-term report instructions at the start of your work term.

In addition to the work-term report that you will write for the Psychology Department, employers may require you to write a job related report (e.g., research report) while on the job. Do not submit those reports to the Psychology Department.

Content required for Psychology work-term reports

Title page

Include your name, ID number, academic year/term, current academic program, and work report number.

Length and format of the work-term report

The body of the work-term report should be double-spaced, no more than 5 pages in length, and written as a public document that anyone could understand. Please include the following 5 headings and details:

  1. Name and ID number
  2. Employer and position

    Describe where you worked including the name (e.g., company, organization, etc.) and location of the employer as well as the job sector.
    (This information should match the information you put on the Evaluation Form).

    Indicate your official job title. If the job title did not accurately reflect your duties, please also include a job title that characterizes the duties that you performed.
    (This information should match the information you put on the Evaluation Form).

    Please state briefly why you applied for this particular job?
  3. Duties and experiences

    Classify the type of job that you had.
    (This information should match the information you put on the Evaluation Form)

    Describe the various aspects of your co-op position in a language and level of detail that would be suitable for an audience consisting of students who might wish to consider applying for your position or one like it. Avoid terminology known only to specialists. Terms or acronyms specific to the job should be explained. Provide an indication of the percentage of time that you spent on each component of the job.

    If writing a report for a second work term with the same employer:
    Please try to emphasize any differences between the first and second term whenever possible. Did your perception of your duties and experiences change by the second work term e.g., the way you understood them to fit into the larger context of the company or your Major? How did you benefit from having more than one work term with the same employer?
  4. Value of the Co-op position as a learning experience

    What were you hoping to gain from this position and did the experience meet your expectations? Did you develop new knowledge, skills, and abilities on the work term? Did you learn anything new about your strengths, weaknesses, or interests? Did the experience help you to clarify your educational and career goals? Please provide examples for each point.

    If writing a report for a second work term with the same employer:
    Did you learn anything from this longer experience? For example, do you have suggestions to others who plan to work for the same employer (or in a similar working environment) for only one work term that would enhance their experience?
  5. Relation of course work to your experiences (e.g., tasks and social interactions) on the job

    Were your Psychology courses beneficial to your performance and social interactions on the job? Please explain. Are there any Psychology courses that you would particularly recommend to anyone considering a similar co-op position and why (doesn't have to be courses that you have taken)? Do you think that your job experience will have any impact on your future academic performance or course selections?

    Other courses: Provide similar information as requested for Psychology courses.

Submitting Psychology work-term reports for marking

Do not submit a hard copy of the work term report. Students on a co-op work term are automatically enrolled in a Work Report (WKRPT) course and should be able to access this course through their LEARN accounts. The work report should be submitted via the Dropbox on the LEARN site. Do not e-mail the work report to a Psychology staff member.

NOTE: Students must complete and submit the short Work Term Survey that's in LEARN before the Dropbox will appear for them to upload their work term report.

Please contact Tammy Neal ( if you have questions.

Submission Deadline:

With the exception of PD12, which must be completed by the end of the first work term, students must submit co-op work-term reports by no later than the tenth day of classes in the academic term following the co-op work term for which the work report was prepared. For example:

  • if you are on work-term during the Fall, you must submit by the tenth day of classes in winter term.
  • if you are on work-term during the Winter, you must submit by the tenth day of classes in spring term.
  • if you are on work-term during the Spring, you have until the tenth day of classes in fall term. 

Deadlines for submitting work-term reports:

Work term Work-term report submission deadline
Fall 2020 11:30 p.m. January 29, 2021
Winter 2020 11:30 p.m. May 14, 2020
Spring 2020 11:30 p.m. September 21, 2020

Evaluation of the work term report

The work term report will be assigned a grade of 'credit' or 'no credit'. You will be evaluated on the organization of your material, the clarity of your writing, and the extent to which you followed the instructions above. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Write clearly and succinctly.

Your grade for the work term report will be posted on LEARN. The actual work term reports are kept on file at the Psychology Undergraduate Office for three terms and then discarded.


If you have questions regarding the work term reports, contact:

Tammy Neal
Program Manager
Location: PAS 3028
Phone: 519-888-4567 x32819