Admission Requirements and Application Instructions

Admission Requirements:

  • successful completion of HRM 200 with a grade of at least 70%
  • minimum Satisfactory standing in the Major

When to apply:

Students who intend to pursue an HRM Minor are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after meeting the admission requirements because:

  1. you must be officially enrolled in an HRM Minor to enrol in the 300- and 400-level HRM courses, and in AFM 123;
  2. HRM students can take advantage of reserved seating in required courses (e.g., Psych 238, 339, 340, AFM 123).

Application instructions (Current uWaterloo Students):

Submit a Plan Modification Form (use the fillable pdf version on the Registrar's Office website) to the Psych Undergrad Drop Box across from the 3rd floor PAS elevator or to Claudia Labahn directly by email or in person (PAS 3008).

Plan eligibility:

Students who were enrolled at uWaterloo prior to Fall 2012 may appeal to enrol under the 2008 or 2011 HRM plans and requirements. Contact the HRM advisor for further details.


Claudia Labahn
HRM Program Advisor

Vince Di Ruzza
HRM Program Director

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