HRM Minor

Admission Requirements and Application Instructions

Admission Requirements:

  • successful completion of HRM 200 with a grade of at least 70%

When to apply:

Students who intend to pursue an HRM Minor are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after meeting the admission requirements because:

  1. you must be officially enrolled in an HRM Minor to enrol in the 300- and 400-level HRM courses, and in AFM 123;
  2. HRM students can take advantage of reserved seating in required courses (e.g., Psych 238, 339, 340, AFM 123).

Application instructions (Current UWaterloo Students):

Submit a Plan Modification Form (use the fillable pdf version on the Registrar's Office website) to Claudia Labahn directly by email or in person (PAS 3008).

Plan eligibility:

Students who were enrolled at UWaterloo prior to Fall 2012 may appeal to enrol under the 2008 or 2011 HRM plans and requirements. Contact the Claudia Labahn for further details.