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Ph.D., University of Michigan

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Research in my lab explores how people make sense of the world around them—their expectations, lay theories, meta-cognitions, forecasts—or it concerns how larger cultural forces impact human behaviour and societal change. Currently, we are working on the topics of AI-augmented cognition, wise reasoning, intellectual humility, perspective-taking, mindfulness, normative standards of judgment, and the power of forecasting societal change by advocates of clashing view on the future.

Our work incorporates perspectives from anthropology, behavioural ecology, computational sciences, economics, philosophy, and psychology, and my lab members and I collaborate with scholars in these disciplines from around the world. We also use a range of methods, with a particular focus on psychometric and computational modelling, as well as behavioral experiments and ecological assessment methods. We especially emphasize the use of methods combining diverse levels of analysis and bridging different techniques for understanding how humans make sense of their world and societal change.

Representative publications

  • Grossmann, I., Feinberg, M. Parker, D. C., Christakis, N., Tetlock, P. E. & Cunningham, W. A. (2023). AI and the transformation of social science research. Science, 380, 1108-1109. [link]
  • Forecasting Collaborative (2023). Insights into the accuracy of social scientists’ forecasts of societal change. Nature Human Behaviour, 7, 484–501 [link]
  • Porter, T., Elnakouri, A.,  Meyers, E. A., Shibayama, T., Jayawickreme, E. & Grossmann, I. (2022). Predictors and Consequences of Intellectual Humility. Nature Reviews Psychology, 1, 524 – 536.  [link]
  • Grossmann, I., Dorfman, A., Oakes, H., Santos, H. C., Vohs, K. D., & Scholer, A. A. (2021). Training for wisdom: The distanced self-reflection diary method. Psychological Science, 32, 381–394View PDF
  • Grossmann, I., Eibach, R. P., Koyama, J., & Sahi, Q. (2020). Folk standards of sound judgment: Rationality versus reasonableness. Science Advances, 6, eaaz0289View PDF
  • Grossmann, I., Weststrate, N. M., Ardelt, M., Brienza, J. P., Dong, M., Ferrari, M., Fournier, M. A., Hu, C. S., Nusbaum, H. C. & Vervaeke, J. (2020). The science of wisdom in a polarized world: Knowns and unknowns. Psychological Inquiry, 31, 103-133.View PDF