Psychology course outlines - Winter 2023

For courses ending in R, please contact Renison's Registrar's office.

For courses ending in J, please contact Christina Mancini.

Course code Course title Instructor
PSYCH 101-001 Introductory Psychology Rebecca Pister
PSYCH 101- 002 Introductory Psychology Paul Wehr
PSYCH 101- 003 Introductory Psychology Megan McCarthy
PSYCH 101- 081 Introductory Psychology Marty Lochner
PSYCH 207-001 Cognitive Processes Jonathan Fugelsang
PSYCH 207-081 Cognitive Processes Megan Kelly
PSYCH 211   Developmental Psychology Claire Matthews
PSYCH 212 Educational Psychology Maureen Drysdale (STJ)
PSYCH 213R Exceptional Children Samantha O'Leary
PSYCH 226R Positive Psychology Denise Marigold
PSYCH 230 J Psychology & Law John Rempel
PSYCH 232 J Psychology of Evil Chris Burris
PSYCH 238  Organizational Psychology Doug Brown
PSYCH 253-001 Social Psychology Neil Hester
PSYCH 253-081 Social Psychology Cam Smith

PSYCH 253R-001

Social Psychology Cam Smith
PSYCH 253R-002 Social Psychology Cam Smith
PSYCH 256  Intro to Cognitive Science  
PSYCH 257-001 Psychopathology Jennifer Boyd
PSYCH 257-081 Psychopathology Rebecca Pister
PSYCH 261-001   Physiological Psychology Allison Drody
PSYCH 261-081 Physiological Psychology Kristin Wilson
PSYCH 264 Research Apprenticeship Find a supervisor
PSYCH 291-081  Basic Research Methods Cam Smith
PSYCH 292-001 Basic Data Analysis Paul Wehr
PSYCH 312 Learning Disabilities Maureen Drysdale
PSYCH 316 Pragmatic Language Development Daniela O'Neill
PSYCH 317 Child Psychopathology Tracy Mewhort-Buist
PSYCH 339  Personnel Psychology Vince Di Ruzza
PSYCH 340 Training and Development Katrina Di Gravio
PSYCH 342 Psychology of Groups and Teams Wendi Adair
PSYCH 354 Interpersonal Relations Megan McCarthy
PSYCH 356R 081 Personality Christine Logel
PSYCH 357 J Psychology of Good Chris Burris, John Rempel

PSYCH 372 

Environmental Psychology Colin Ellard
PSYCH 390-001 Natural Science Advanced Research Methods - Topic: Research in Cognition Derek Koehler
PSYCH 390-002 Natural Science Advanced Research Methods - Topic: Research in Memory Myra Fernandes
PSYCH 390-003 Natural Science Advanced Research Methods - Topic: Brain Research using EEG/ERP Roxane Itier
PSYCH 390-004 Natural Science Advanced Research Methods - Topic: Research in Psychophysiology Michael Dixon
PSYCH 391 Advanced Data Analysis James Beck
PSYCH 398R/399R Independent Study

Hsiao D'Ailly/
Denise Marigold/
Christine Logel

PSYCH 444R Psychological Interventions Christine Logel
PSYCH 453 Honours Seminar:  Developmental Psychology: Being Biligual Katherine White
PSYCH 455 J Honours Seminar: Social Psychology: Psychology of Men Chris Burris
PSYCH 458 Honours Seminar in Cogntion: Economic Decision Making Derek Koehler
PSYCH 461 Honours Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience: Face processing, social cognition Roxane Itier
PSYCH 464 Advanced Research Apprenticeship Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 470-001 Topics in Applied Psychology - Practice and Theories in HRM Vince Di Ruzza
PSYCH 470-002 Topics in Applied Psychology- Shy Children Secret Strength Heather Henderson
PSYCH 470-003 Topics in Applied Psychology- Psych of Economic Decisions Derek Koehler
PSYCH 480 Directed Studies - Elective Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 481 Directed Studies - Natural Science Advanced Psychology Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 482 Directed Studies - Social Science Advanced Psychology Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 483 Directed Studies - Natural Science Research Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 484 Directed Studies - Social Science Research Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 485 Directed Studies - Seminar Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 486 Directed Studies - Advanced Statistics Find a Supervisor
PSYCH 490R Special Studies

Hsiao D'Ailly/
Christine Logel/
Denise Marigold

PSYCH 492-001 Psychological Measurement Laura Bianchi
PSYCH 499/A/B/C Honours Thesis Course Co-ordinator: Richard Eibach