The study of living organisms.

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We're cultured.

Accessible PDF - BiologyExplore all aspects of life and living creatures — from cells and genes to species and diversity. Some of the greatest scientific discoveries have occurred within the field of biology, including the mapping of the human genome, identifying the structure of DNA, and how photosynthesis works. All of these revelations happened because dedicated scientists looked at the world a little differently.

On top of these game-changing discoveries, biologists work to better their instrumentation and the tools they use — think microscopes — giving way to interdisciplinary exploration that will shape our future.

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This major is available in the co-op and regular stream of study


After second year, you can choose a specialization and focus your degree in one area to suit your career aspirations.

Animal Biology

Of particular interest to those students wanting to work with animals or conduct research with animals, this specialization focuses on the biology and current conservation issues of different animal groups.


Focus on the history and modern application of biotechnology — the development of products or processes that use biological systems for a specific use — with popular examples being recombinant protein production, biofuel development, and bioremediation.

Environmental Biology

Study the relationships among organisms and their environments, with a focus on ecology and biodiversity.


Learn about microscopic organisms, from bacteria to viruses, and how they are cultured, reproduce, and impact other biological systems, including humans.

Molecular Genetics

Understand the structure and function of genes at the molecular level, how they are manipulated, and how variations and mutations within them work.

Plant Biology

Focus on plant structure and functions, as well as how plants grow, reproduce, and their many uses.

Bioinformatics Option

IT'S ALL IN THE CODE! You've decided that pursuing a degree in science makes sense for you - but what if you want something that takes you to the next level in DNA technologies? Our Bioinformatics Option might be what you're looking for. You'll learn how to take vast amounts of scientific and biological data that would take years to sort through manually, and process it in computational terms in just a matter of minutes. Talk to an academic advisor in second year to add this to your degree. This option is open to all Faculty of Science students.


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  • Technical writing
  • Organization and time management
  • Laboratory methodologies and data analysis
  • Team work
  • Logical thinking

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