How to obtain research experience

Obtain research experience while earning academic credit

Enrol in a Research Apprenticeship course (PSYCH 264 or 464).

Be an active participant in the Advanced Research Methods courses (PSYCH 392-399).

Enrol in a directed studies research course (PSYCH 483 or PSYCH 484).

Do an Honours Thesis (PSYCH 499A/B/C).

Seek a volunteer research assistant (RA) position in a faculty member's lab

Volunteer RA positions (e.g., 3-5 hours per week)

Year 2 is not too early for such a position.

Seek a paid research assistant (RA) position in a faculty member's lab

Paid RA positions (part-time or full-time)

Research Awards: 

Other tips

Undergraduate student research awards/fellowships/summer internships/ competitions

For those in the co-op system of study, seek at least one co-op positions where you will obtain research experience.

For those in the Faculty of Science who are interested in graduate studies in Science, see advice provided by the Faculty of Science regarding research/laboratory experience.

Last updated: November 3, 2015