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Sarah walks to her organic chemistry lab through the Peter Russell Rock Garden, located in the heart of campus.

Anything is possible.

Craft your own degree by taking courses that fit with your passions and interests, or align your labs and lectures to the requirements of any professional school you want to attend.

Whether you have a specific science career goal in mind, or you just love science but aren’t ready to devote yourself to a single discipline, Honours Science is the right program for you. Allowing you maximum freedom to pick and choose your labs and lectures, Honours Science is one of our most popular programs.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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This major is available in the regular stream of study only


Most students who graduate within the Honours Science program will also graduate with at least one science minor. We offer eight minors through the Faculty of Science, including the popular Medical Physiology and Biology minors.

The University of Waterloo offers over 50 other minors to students within the Faculty of Science. Common minors from other faculties include Psychology, Music, or Math.

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  • Research
  • Quantification
  • Data interpretation and manipulation
  • Experimentation
  • Analytics

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