Health Promotion and Evaluation Specialist

kalpitaKalpita loves to live in a world filled with unconventional ideas and people, fun and energizing conversations and lots of cake. Her current role as Health Promotion and Evaluation Specialist at Campus Wellness provides her with an opportunity to live in this world….to quite an extent. She collaborates with partners across campus on projects that address mental and physical health and her interests in health promotion center around social health, specifically building social capital and social inclusion on campus.

Kalpita also enjoys teaching, mentoring and learning. She once read somewhere ‘Be curious like a monkey.’ She realized she was born curious. Not sure about the monkey part. Kalpita completed her undergraduate medical degree in India and her Master of Public Health from the University of Waterloo.

In her free time, Kalpita loves walking outdoors, especially where there is lots of greenery. She loves visiting art galleries, reading about history, philosophy and Eastern spirituality. And to come back to cakes….Kalpita likes eggless cakes.

Contact information:


HS 2206


Health Promotion