About the Substance Use Team

The Substance Use Team educates students about harm reduction approaches to alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and other recreational drugs. The team partners with DrinkSmart to deliver safer drinking tips and with Leave the Pack Behind to discuss smoking cessation education and support students on campus. The goal of the team is to increase the occurrence of safer substance use practices among students. Throughout the school year, team members plan, develop, and implement a variety of events and display booths on campus to promote various topics.

Events that support student wellness

The Substance Use team runs events including the wouldurather contest run by Leave the Pack Behind, DrinkSmart booths, and cannabis education campaigns. Students can find the Substance Use Team each week as they set up booths around campus. Stay tuned to @UWHealthyU for more events.

Explore safer partying with reliable resources

Learn more about how your drinking and smoking behaviours are affecting you with e-TOKE and e-CHUG! These interactive, online educational assessments raise your awareness about substance use behaviours and offer personalized information about your own substance use behaviours.

Don’t let your drinking do your thinking. Learn more about how you can party safe, test your alcohol knowledge, or read student stories. DrinkSmart is affiliated with Smart Serve Ontario.

Learn more about quitting or reducing your smoking, as well as the effects of hookah, vapes, and cannabis with Leave the Pack Behind.