I was an English Literature and History student at the University of Waterloo. During my first and second years, I went through a lot of uncertainty around if I had made the right decision coming to UW. I was often very quiet in class, and never really felt like I fit in with my academic peers. I often felt like they were all so much smarter than I was, and that maybe I chose the wrong major or even the wrong school. In my third year, I decided to try something different and I got involved with student leadership on campus.

This was definitely the turning point for me because it was at this time when I found a group of people who I wanted to build my community around, and one that offered me opportunities to develop and learn more about myself as a person.

The lesson I learned is that if something's not working or doesn't feel right, it could be because it's actually not right (which is okay!) a change is needed. For me, making a change to get involved helped turn around my experience and led me to where I am today - a proud alumni and staff member at UW!

olivia roth

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