As a newcomer to Canada, I faced many barriers and challenges while adapting to the Canadian culture. 

Language barriers and being a mother to two kids were two of my biggest challenges while trying to obtain my Canadian dentistry degree equivalency.

Rula Abdel-kader

After arriving in Canada, my goal was to be accepted to a public health program. To do so, I gained a diploma in English as a Second Language Program at Conestoga College and I also took a statistics program at University of Guelph. Following that, I was finally accepted to the Master of Public Health program at the University of Waterloo, which was the same time I got a job at Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre.  

Juggling everything at the same time, was very difficult and overwhelming. Regardless of everything, I never wanted to give up. With the support of my friends and two daughters as well as being goal oriented and organized, I persevered and graduated with a Master of Public Health degree.  

Before my last year of MPH program graduation, I married a great man, who supported me to follow my dream of being a recognised dentist in Canada.  I began the process of equalizing my dental degree right after my graduation, and after another year of hard work, I obtained my dental degree in Canada. This is something I wouldn't have been able to accomplish without my husband’s support, as well as my masters and experience I've gained along the way. Now I am working with Region of Waterloo of Public Health as a clinical dentist for the Ontario Senior Dental Care Program and I'm opening my own dental clinic (Icon Dental Clinic), across the street from University of Waterloo.  

I've come to learn that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. I obtained my dental license in Canada, got a masters at a very well-recognized university, married a great man and raised two successful daughters.  

- Rula Abdel-kader, Alumni and Clinical Dentist


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