A difficult situation I encountered in University was during my first year. It was my first time moving away from home and I didn’t know anyone at the University of Waterloo. This made me extremely nervous, worried and anxious. I wasn’t sure if I would fit in or make friends immediately. When my family helped me move into my residence building, I noticed that there were other students in the same boat as me. 

Recognizing I wasn’t the only one feeling nervous, made it easier for me to bond and connect with others. 

I became friends with my entire floor mates, because many of us were going through that same transition. Slowly my friends circle increased with the other mates and students who I met during orientation and in my program. As a result, I became more comfortable being able to connect and make friends with many in my residence and campus. This eventually made first year become one of my favorite years! 

So, my insight to you is that you are never alone at any point in life. There might be many people around you, going through similar feelings. As an undergraduate student, we are going to be exposed to new opportunities, new experiences, and new places. It is important to remember that in any new atmosphere it is normal to feel nervous, and anxious. Remembering you aren’t the only one feeling that certain way, and that there is always help and people to lean on.  

I learned to take every experience as a new opportunity and to make the most of it!  

- Serrina Philip


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