Instructor Area Number Course Title and Topic
Berry, D. SE CS 645 Software Requirements Specification & Analysis
Boutaba, R. Systems CS 656 Computer Networks  



Systems CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
Blais, E. ALG CS 666 Algorithm Design & Analysis
DiMarco, C. AI CS 686 Introduction to Artifiicial Intelligence
Kaplan, C. Graphics CS 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Cohen, R. None CS 697 Graduate Research Skills Seminar
Lubiw, A. ALG CS 763 Computational Geometry
Cleve, R. Quantum CS 768 Quantum Information Processing
Orchard, J. Sci Com CS 770 Numerical Analysis
Ragde, P. PLG CS 798-001 Advanced Research Topics: Software Foundations
Yu, Yaoliang ALG / AI CS 798-002 Advanced Research Topics: Optimize for Machine Learning
Munro, I. ALG CS 840 Advanced Topics in Data Structures: Time and Space Efficiency
Alencar, P. SE CS 846 Advanced Topics in SE: Software Engineering for Big data
Daudjee, K. DB CS 848-001 Advanced  Topics in Data Bases: Large Scale Data Management



DB CS 848-002 Advanced  Topics in Data Bases: High-Stakes Information Retrieval
Salihoglu, S. DB CS 848-003 Advanced  Topics in Data Bases: Modern Data Processing Systems
Brecht, T. Systems CS 854-002 Adv Tpcs in Computer Systems: Systems Supporting IoT Devices
Wong, B. Systems CS 854-001 Adv Tpcs in Computer Systems: Consensus Protocols
Gorbunov, S. Systems CS 858-001 Adv Tpcs in Crypto Secur Priv: Computing on Encrypted Data
Hengartner, U. Systems CS 858-002 Adv Tpcs in Crypto Secur Priv: Mobile Privacy and Security
Buss, Jonathan ALG CS 860 Adv Tpcs in Algorithms & Complexity: The state of P vs NP
Larson, K. AI CS 886 Adv Tpcs in Artificial Intelligence: Multiagent Systems
Lin, J PLG/DB CS 898 Advanced Topics in IR Evaluation