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The minors available at the School of Computer Science provides you the opportunity to explore and learn Computer Science while you are studying your degree here at UW. So long as you are able to meet the requirements for the minor, you will be able to add the minor to your degree. 

Adding the Computing minor 

If you want to study Computer Science and you started at UW in Fall 2016 or later, then you can do the Computing minor (formerly the Computing Option or the Computing Technology Option). The Computing minor is available to all students, except those enrolled in plans relating to or including substantial amounts of Computer Science (e.g., Software Engineering, Computing and Financial Management, etc). 

If you are in Engineering we encourage you to look into the Computing option instead of the Computing minor. Please note that the Computing option is only available to students within the Faculty of Engineering.

If you want to be signed into the Computing minor then you need to complete the University Wide Plan Modification Form and then forward it to a CS advisor for approval.

Adding the CS minor 

Your eligibility to study the Computer Science minor depends upon your first year of study at the University of Waterloo. If you started at UW prior to Fall 2016 then you are eligible for the Computer Science minor using calendars prior to 2016/2017.

If you started at UW in Fall 2016 or later and want to do a Computer Science minor, then it will be difficult to obtain a CS minor if you were not/are not already a CS student.  

Please note that if you are eligible for the CS minor using a calendar prior to 2016/2017, be aware that as of February 2018, we are unable to sign you into the minor due to some technical issues with Quest. If you've completed all the courses required for the CS minor, then you can add the CS minor to your degree when you apply to graduate. If you want to confirm your eligibility for a CS minor then you can contact a CS advisor.

Minor Requirements 

The Computing Minor and CS Minor each have different plan requirements. Below are links to help guide you through each of the minor requirements:


Typically, courses with middle digits of 0 to 3 (e.g., CS 230) are open to students pursuing the Computing Minor and the CS Minor Students since they are designed for a broader audience. However, some courses (e.g., CS 370) are open to everyone with the appropriate prerequisites. Check the specific requirements of the course in the undergraduate calendar page to verify which courses you can take for the appropriate Minor. Enrollment into CS courses are subjected to our course selection and course enrollment policy. 

Since computer science has a wide field of study, you may want to review our detailed course description page to see what fits your interests.

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