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Funding and awards

Graduate Funding

Funding for students who are accepted into an MMath or PhD program is typically a combination of teaching assistantships and research assistantships. MMath students receiving full support from TA and RA currently receive $24,088 to $28,094 per year; PhD students currently receive $25,687 to $25,965 per year with an additional bursary of $11,760 for international PhD students. 

Currently, almost 100% of our full-time MMath graduate students and PhD graduate students are fully funded. Financial support is not offered to part-time students or to students in the MMath coursework option.

Applicants of exceptional merit are automatically considered for a limited number of internal entrance scholarships at the time of admission. Eligible students are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships. 

For details of funding support and all scholarships and awards, see Summary of Financial Support.