Instructor Area Recommended Background Number Course Title and Topic
Berry, D. SE   CS 645 Software Requirements Specification & Analysis
Gorbunov, S. Systems   CS 656 Computer Networks  

Hengartner/ Roos

Systems   CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
Blais, E. ALG   CS 666 Algorithm Design & Analysis
Larson, K. AI   CS 686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Mann, S. Graphics   CS 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Cohen, R. None None CS 697 Graduate Research Skills Seminar
Yu, Yaoliang AI   CS 698 Introductory Research Topics: Intro to Machine Learning
Trefler, R. SE Open background CS 745 Computer-Aided Verification
Watrous, J. Quantum CS 768 / CS 647 CS 766 Theory of Quantum Information
Yard, J. Quantum   CS 768 Quantum Information Processing
Krivodonova, L. Sci Com   CS 770 Numerical Analysis
Keshav, S. Systems/ Sci Com Open background 798-001 Advanced Research Topic: Foundations of Computer Networking
Al-Kiswany, S. Systems Ugrad level OS, networking, programming 798-002 Advanced Research Topics: Advanced Distributed Systems
Grossman, M. AI   798-003 Advanced Research Topics: Ai: Law, Ethics & Policy
Blais, E. ALG Ugrad linear algebra, combinatorics, probability theory 798-004 Advanced Research Topics: Analysis of Boolean Functions
Ben-David, S. AI/Comp Stats 4th year Machine Learning or Stats course 798-005 Advanced Research Topics: Machine Lrn'g & Society Impact
Naggapan, M. SE software dev't and SE background CS 846 Advanced Topics in SE: SE Using Ultra Large Repositories
Kershbaum, F. DB None required but courses in DB or Crypt would be good. CS 848 Advanced  Topics in Data Bases: Topics in Encryption in DBs, AI, & Distributed Systems
Brecht, T. Systems Open background 854-001 Adv. Topics in Computer Systems:
Mashtizadeh, A. Systems CS 350 or equivalent. 854-002 Adv. Topics in Computer Systems:  OS Design, Security & Storage
Cohen, R. AI Previous AI course / thesis work, or instructor consent CS 886 Adv. Topics in AI: Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy