All courses offered in Fall 2020 will be delivered remotely. Some courses have pre-determined times for synchronous sessions, while others will set times for synchronous sessions during the first week of classes.


Recommended background



Course Title


Prabhakar Ragde

MDSAI students only  

CS 600

Fundamentals of CS for DS


Tamer Ozsu


CS 638

Principles of Data Mgmt & Use


Richard Trefler


CS 697

Grad Research Skills Seminar

Remote with sync  

Samer Al-Kiswany


Hardware and Software Systems

CS 754

Advanced Distributed Systems

Remote with sync:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:30am

Anna Lubiw


Algorithms and Complexity

CS 763

Computational Geometry

Remote with sync

Richard Cleve


Quantum Information and Computation

CS 768

Quantum Information Processing

Remote with sync

Hans De Sterck  

Scientific and Symbolic Computing

CS 770

Numerical Analysis


Yaoliang Yu

  Computational Statistics / Scientific and Symbolic Computing

CS 794

Optimization for Data Science


Stephen Vavasis   Algorithms and Complexity

CS 795

Fundamentals of Optimization


Ian Munro

Open, helpful to have CS 466/666

Algorithms and Complexity

CS 840

Topics in Data Structures: Time and Space Efficient Methods

Remote with sync

Wednesdays and Fridays 1-2:30pm

Paulo Alencar


Software Engineering

CS 846

Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Software Eng. for Big Data


Tim Brecht

Open, helpful to know a bit about statistics, systems and/or networking

Hardware and Software Systems

CS 854

Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: Experimental Performance Evaluation

Remote with sync:

(Tentative time)

Mondays: 1 - 3:30pm

Gautam Kamath

Open, comfortable with probability

Algorithms and Complexity

CS 860

Algorithms for Private Data Analysis


Yaoliang Yu

CS 480 or CS 485/486

Artificial Intelligence

CS 886

Causal Inference in Machine Learning


Ian Goldberg


Hardware and Software Systems

CS 858 -041

Surveillance and Privacy

Remote with Sync:

Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-11:50am

Sergey Gorbunov

  Hardware and Software Systems /Algorithms and Complexity

CS 858-042

Advanced Topics in Cryptography and Blockchain Technologies

Remote with sync