Instructor Area Number Title
TBA SE CS 646 Software Design, Architectures
W. Cowan HS Syst CS 652 Real-Time Programming
Khuzaima Daudjee HS Syst CS 654 Distributed Systems
TBA HS Syst CS 656

Computer Networks

Urs Hengartner HS Syst CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
Ian Munro Alg CS 666 Algorithm Design and Analysis
Justin Wan Sci/Sybm CS 675 Computational Linear Algerbra
Daniel Brown Bioinf CS 682 Computation Techniques in Biological Sequence Analysis
Peter vanBeek AI CS 686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
Gladimir Baranoski Graphics CS 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
I. McKillop HS Systems CS 698 Introductory Research Topics: Security and Privacy in Health Systems                            (PHS-MHI students only)
J. Buss Alg CS 764 Computational Complexity
G. Baranoski Graphics CS 783 Modeling of Biophysical Phenomena
C. DiMarco AI/HI/HCI CS 798 Advanced Research Topics: Games for Health
David Toman DB CS 848 Advanced Topics in Data Bases: Advanced Queries and Query Processing
Bernard Wong HS Sys CS 854 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: Cloud and SW Defined Networking
Alex Lopez-Ortiz Alg CS 860 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Online Algorithms: paging, buffering, and text compression 
John Watrous Quantum CS 867 Advanced Topics in Quantum Computing: Quantum Complexity Theory
Ming Li Alg CS 898 Advanced Special Topics in CS: Kolgomorov Complexity and Applications
Ed Lank Graphics CS 889 Advanced Topics in HCI: Experimental Methods in HCI

700 and 800 levels (PDF)