Instructor Area Number Title
B. Lawrence SE CS 646 Software Design, Architectures
V. Cheung/ Y. Chang HCI CS 649 Human-Computer interaction
W. Cowan Syst CS 652 Real-Time Programming
K. Daudjee Syst CS 654 Distributed Systems
M. Karsten Syst CS 656 Computer Networks

C. Bocovich/I. McKillop

Syst CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
T. Chan Alg CS 666 Algorithm Design and Analysis
C. Batty SciCom CS 675 Computational Linear Algebra
B. Ma Bioinf CS 682 Comp Tech: Biological Sequence Analysis
P. Poupart AI CS 686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
G. Baranoski Graphics CS 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
N. Naeem PLG CS 744 Advanced Compiler Design
C. Kaplan Graphics CS 791 Non-Photorealistic Rendering
D. Berry SE CS 846 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Requirements Engineering VIDEO
K. Salem DB CS 848 Advanced Topics in Data Bases: DBMS on Modern Hardware
C. Clarke DB / HCI CS 848 Advanced Topics in Data Bases: Search & Recommendation
M. Li AI CS 886 Advanced Topics in AI: New Topics in Natural Language Processing
D. Vogel Graphics CS 889 Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Computer Vision for HCI