Spring 2020 Course Offerings

Instructor Recommended background Area Number Course Title
T. Biedl

Upper-level algorithms course, in particular familiarity with graph traversals, dynamic programming and NP-hardness

AC 762 Graph-Theoretic Algorithms
J. Watrous CS 766/QIC 820 QIC 798

Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory

M. Nagappan Some background in software development and software engineering. Knowledge of data mining techniques will be beneficial but not expected SE 846-001 Empirical Software Engineering using Ultra Large Repositories
D. Berry
Some background in software development and software engineering and a real interest in empricial studies as a means to find out what software engineers really do 
SE 846-002 Empirical Studies of Human Software Engineers
Shalev. Ben-David Open background AC 860 Quantum Lower Bounds
Pascal Poupart None CS/AI 885 Advanced topics in Computational Statistics: Reinforcement Learning
L. Istead None GUI 888  Stereoscopic 3D
E. Lank Open background GUI 889 Experimental Methods in HCI