All courses offered in Spring 2021 will be delivered remotely. Some courses have pre-determined times for synchronous sessions, while others will set times for synchronous sessions during the first week of classes.

Instructor Recommended Background  Area Number Course Title Delivery Time 
Ian McKillop Open  


  On line
Prabhakar Ragde Open Programming Languages 747 Software Verification Using Proof Assistants Remote
Dan Berry Open Software Engineering 846 - 041 Advanced Topics in Electronic Publishing

Remote with synchronous

Time: Tuesday and Thursday 9 - 10:30am

Mei Nagappan Open Software Engineering 846 - 042 Research on Diversity in Software Engineering

Remote with synchronous

Time: TBD

David Toman   Databases 848 - 041 Modern Database Systems

Remote with synchronous

Time: TBD

David Gosset   QI and Comp 867 Quantum Algorithms

Remote with Synchronous

Time: Tuesday and Thursday 1 - 2:20pm

Ed Lank Open Graphics and User Interfaces 889 - 041 Designing Experiments in HCI


Jian Zhao Open Graphics and User Interfaces 889 - 042 Information Visualization

Remote with synchronous

Time: Wednesday 10am - 12:30pm