All courses offered in Spring 2022 will be delivered in-person (unless historically offered online).

For delivery method and date and time of offer please look at the schedule of classes.


Recommended Background


Course Number

Course Title

Ian McKillop     CS 634 Security & Privacy in Health
Mei Nagappan   Software Engineering CS 646 Software Design, Architectures
Jian Zhao   Graphics and User Interfaces CS 649 Human-Computer Interaction
Martin Karsten   Hardware and Software Systems CS 652 Real-Time Programming
Mohammad Salahuddin   Hardware and Software Systems CS 656 Computer Networks
Diogo Barradas & Ian Goldberg   Hardware and Software Systems CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
Lap Chi Lau   Algorithms and Complexity CS 666 Algorithm Design & Analysis
Collin Roberts   Scientific and Symbolic Computing CS 675 Computational Linear Algebra
Gautam C. Kamath   Computational Statistics CS 680 Intro to Machine Learning
Jesse Hoey   Artificial Intelligence CS 686 Intro Artificial Intelligence
Spencer Van Leeuwen   Graphics and User Interfaces CS 688 Intro to Computer Graphics
Mei Nagappan Open background Advanced Topics in Software Engineering CS 846 Diversity in Software Engineering (#37)
David Toman Open background (an undergrad DB and a basic knowledge of the background will help, but is not mandatory) Advanced Topics in Data Bases CS 848 Modern Database Systems (#31)

Bernard Wong

Undergraduate operating systems course

Hardware and Software Systems

CS 854

Serverless Computing

Shalev Ben- David Open background Quantum Information and Computation CS 867 Quantum Query and Communication Complexity (#8)
Hongyang Zhang Undergrad courses in machine learning  Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence CS 886 Robustness of Machine Learning

Jian Zhao

Basic background in machine learning

Graphics and User Interfaces

CS 889 

InfoVis for AI Explainability (#13)