All courses offered in Winter 2021 will be delivered remotely. Some courses have pre-determined times for synchronous sessions, while others will set times for synchronous sessions during the first week of classes.

Instructor Recommended Background  Area Number Course Title Delivery Time 
Ali Abedi     631

Data-Intensive Distributed Analytics

Noura Limam     636

Introduction to Computer Networks and Distributed Computer Systems

Gregor Richards   Programming Languages 642 Principles of Programming Languages Remote
Ondrej Lhotak   Programming Languages 644 Compiler Construction Remote
Joanne Atlee   Software Engineering 645

Software Requirements Specification and Analysis

Shane McIntosh   Software Engineering 646 Software Design and Architectures Remote
Arie Gurfinkl   Software Engineering 647

Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Ziqiang Patrick Huang   Hardware and Software Systems 650 Computer Architecture Remote
Ali Abedi   Hardware and Software Systems 651

Data-Intensive Distributed Computing

Khuzaima Daudjee   Hardware and Software Systems 654 Distributed Systems Remote
Noura Limam   Hardware and Software Systems 656 Computer Networks Remote
Yousra Aafer   Hardware and Software Systems 658-041 Computer Security and Privacy Remote
Navid Nasr Esfahani   Hardware and Software Systems 658-042 Computer Security and Privacy Remote
Jeffrey Shallit  

Algorithms and Complexity

662 Formal Languages & Parsing Remote
Yuying Li   Scientific and Symbolic Computing 676

Numeric Computation for Financial Modelling

Gautam C. Kamath   Computational Statistics 680 Intro to Machine Learning Remote
Bin Ma   Bioinformatics 682

Computational Techniques in Biological Sequence Analysis

Yuri Boykov   Artificial Intelligence 684 Computational Vision Remote
*TBA   Artificial Intelligence 685

Machine Learning: Statistical and Computational Foundations

Alice Gao   Artificial Intelligence 686 Intro Artificial Intelligence Remote
Rafael Oliveira   Scientific and Symbolic Computing 687 Intro to Symbolic Computation

Remote with sync

Time: TBD

Gladimir Baranoski  

Graphics and User Interfaces

688 Intro to Computer Graphics Remote
Richard Mann Scientific computation (equivalent to CS370/371)
Matlab experience (asset but not required)
course will be taught in Matlab/Octave, but students may use a language of their choice for assignments and project.

Good math background.
Artificial Intelligence 698-041 Computational Audio Remote
Jeff Orchard Scientific/numerical computation course Artificial Intelligence / Scientific/Symbolic Computing 698-042 Neural Networks Remote - with sync (TUT)
Hans De Sterck Calculus and linear algebra, and some previous exposure to differential equations and numerical methods. Scientific/Symbolic Computing 778-041 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations

Remote -with sync

tentative time: Wednesdays and Fridays 10:00am-11:30am

Helen Chen Open Background Health Informatics 792-041 Introduction to Health Informatics and Data Structure

Remote- with sync

time:Tuesdays 7:30pm-9:30pm

Raouf Boutaba  

Computer networks


Hardware and Software Systems

798-041 Advanced Network Architecture

 Remote-with sync

time: Mondays 12-2:50pm

Raouf Boutaba  

Computer networks


Hardware and Software Systems

798-042 Network Softwarization

Remote- with sync

time: Fridays 10am-12:50pm

Trevor Brown

Familiarity with C/C++ strongly recommended, some familiarity with concurrency will be a plus but not needed Hardware/Software Systems / Algorithms and Complexity 798-043 Multicore Programming

Remote-with sync

time: tbd when classes start

Yizhou Zhang Open background- Course will be of interest to students of diverse backgrounds (PL/SE, AI/ML, and CogSci). Basic knowledge of probability and programming languages is assumed. Programming Languages 842-041 Probabilistic Programming Languages Remote
Chengnian Sun  open background Software Engineering 846-041 Adv Tpcs in Software Testing and Debugging

Remote -with sync

tentative time:

Mondays 9am-12pm

Mike Godfrey General CS background is OK if the student has taken some upper year systems courses Software Engineering 846-042 Topics in Empirical Software Engineering

Remote - with sync

time: tbd when classes start

Shane McIntosh Open background (but a basic understanding of software release practices, inferential statistics, and machine learning will help) Software Engineering 846-043 Software Analytics for Release Pipelines

Remote - with sync

time: Tuesdays 11am-2pm

Gordon Cormack   Databases 848-041 High Recall Information Retrieval Remote
Xi He Undergraduate/graduate courses in database systems will be beneficial.  Databases 848-042 Building Privacy-Aware Database Systems 

Remote-with sync

Time:tbd when classes start

N Asokan  open background” (generic CS undergrad degree) + familiarity with C or C++; Undergrad courses in OS and security (equivalent of CS 350 and CS 458) will be beneficial but not mandatory Hardware/Software Systems 858-041 Selected topics in systems security

Remote-with sync

tentative time:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:30pm

Eric Blais Algorithms and probability theory Algorithms and Complexity 860-041 Sublinear-time Algorithms  Remote
Rafael Oliveira

linear algebra, multivariate calculus, abstract algebra (familiarity with groups, fields, rings)

mathematical maturity (experience writing proofs)

Algorithms and Complexity 860-042 Algebraic Complexity

Remote -with sync

time: tbd

Shalev Ben-David   Quantum Information and Computation 867-041

Quantum Query and Communication Complexity

Toshiya Hachisuka Linear algebra, calculus, and statistics. Experience with both numerical computing (e.g. CS370/371, CS475) and computer graphics (e.g., CS488) are strongly recommended. Graphics and User Interfaces 888-041 Rendering Remote
Edith Law Open background Graphics and User Interfaces 889-041 Masterclass in HCI: Educational Technology

Remote- with sync

time:Thursdays 10am-12pm

Gladimir Baranoski  Open background Scientific and Symbolic Computing / Graphics and User Interfaces / Hardware/Software Systems 898-041 The Synergy Between Computer Science and Biology



Ming Li Algorithms, basic knowledge on complexity and machine learning Algorithms and Complexity 898-042 Kolmogorov Complexity

Remote -with sync

tentative time: Fridays 2-4:30pm