Team of computer science students win inaugural Pasupalak Velocity CS Capstone Award

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A team of three computer science students has won the Pasupalak Velocity CS Capstone Award for its entry in the 2019 Computer Science and Software Engineering Capstone Design Symposium, an exhibition in which final-year students develop new products and practical solutions to problems across a variety of industries and sectors.

Photo of Pat Martinson, Jason Williamson, Bing Xu Hu and Rebecca Brown

L to R: Pat Martinson, Campus Lead Mentor, University of Waterloo Velocity, with members of team CircleChek — Jason Williamson, Bing Xu Hu and Rebecca Brown

Team CircleChek, comprised of fourth-year computer science students Rebecca Brown, Jason Williamson and Bing Xu Hu, created an app that allows operators of large trucks, construction vehicles and other heavy machinery to complete and submit their mandatory daily inspection logs electronically using a smart phone or tablet. 

Although electronic devices are widespread, the heavy machinery industry relies largely on paper inspection logs that are completed manually by operators. CircleChek’s app would streamline log entry and allow operators to augment records with photographs and comments. Moreover, if the app were synched to the cloud it would increase the speed, accuracy and coordination of inspection log entries to management while ensuring that heavy machinery meets provincial and federal safety standards.

Valued at $15,000, the Pasupalak Velocity CS Capstone Award for their entry consists of $1,650 to each team member, along with acceptance into the Velocity Garage with $10,050 in seed funds to help the team transform their idea into a start-up. 

“After interviewing all applicants and discussion among our judges, I’m very pleased to announce that your team has been awarded the first-ever Pasupalak Velocity CS Capstone Award,” wrote Pat Martinson, Campus Lead Mentor at Waterloo Velocity in his letter to Team CircleChek. “We found a mix of technical execution and market understanding with your product, and we’re excited to see that continue through your involvement in the Velocity Garage.”

The Velocity Fund is a grant program to turn ideas into start-up companies. Velocity was established in 2011 with a $1 million donation from Kik founder and Velocity Residence alumnus Ted Livingston. The Pasupalak Velocity CS Capstone Award, conferred for the first time this year, was made possible through a generous donation from computer science alumnus Sam Pasupalak (BCS 2012), who co-founded Maluuba, an artificial intelligence start-up.

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