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The focus of the Systems and Networking Group is the design, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of computer systems and networks that knit together disparate underlying components to present a cohesive operating environment for task-specific applications.

Our members study systems ranging from single-processor, standalone embedded systems to large-scale highly networked distributed systems. Research activity similarly covers a broad variety of topics: parallel hardware, systems software, data-centre networking and data-centre systems, wireless networks, energy systems, and wide-area networks.

The following list includes some specific topics being currently investigated.

  • Analysis, design, and automated verification of protocols
  • Automated resource management; self-managing (autonomic) systems
  • Cloud computing
  • Cryptographic schemes for encryption and authentication 
  • Design, implementation and analysis of energy systems
  • Distributed and parallel computing
  • Distributed debugging and monitoring
  • Embedded systems for vehicular telemetry and personal thermal comfort
  • High-performance Internet systems, services and applications
  • Internet of things
  • Network architecture
  • Operating systems
  • Performance evaluation
  • Runtime systems software
  • Security and privacy
  • Software-defined networking

We use many approaches in our work, reflecting our varied expertise. This includes workload characterization, architectural design, algorithm design, theoretical analysis, simulation, and the design, implementationand experimental evaluation of prototype systems.