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2019 technical reports

Title Can reduced scattering coefficients obtained using inversion procedures lead to unsound inferences about the optical factors contributing to the appearance of blood vessels embedded in the skin?
Authors Spencer R. Van Leeuwen, Gladimir V. G. Baranoski

Advances in tissue appearance modelling have allowed researchers to perform in silico (computational) evaluations of the relationship between the morphological characteristics of a given tissue and its appearance. Two recent works in this area considered multiple tissues in order to simulate the appearance of blood vessels underneath the skin. However, the authors of these works provided conflicting conclusions regarding the importance of Rayleigh scattering’s contribution to the bluish appearance of veins. Additionally, the authors of the later publication provided information that may lead readers to misinterpret the methodology and conclusions of the earlier work.

In this paper, we outline the differences between the investigation approaches employed in both works, notably elaborating on the use of reduced scattering coefficients in the later work. We then highlight key aspects of the earlier work in order to correct any potential misinterpretations and analyze the distinct conclusions presented by the authors of both works.

Date December 2019
Report CS-2019-01 (PDF)