When you leave

End-of-term tasks

Be available for student consultation between the end of lectures and the final exam period. See the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for more details.

1. It is vital that the course information be archived in case there are grade appeals. If not teaching an ISG-supported course, please either upload the information to SharePoint, or forward electronic copies of the following information to the Undergraduate Studies Administrative Coordinator (for securely sending files, especially very large documents, use SendIt):

a. Return any textbooks you signed out for the term to Jessica Leung.

b. A list of errata for the course notes, if applicable.

c. An electronic set of the assignment specifications, solutions and marking schemes.

d. An electronic copy of the midterm and final exam questions, answers, and marking schemes.

e. An electronic copy of all of the grades for all of the students in the course, as well as their respective weights, and any special conditions such as passing the final exam before the course can be passed.

f. A copy of any document that affects grades. For examples, doctors' notes, requests for incompletes, letters to the associate dean regarding disciplinary matters or exemptions (for example, students who missed the first several assignments due to being added late to the course).

2. The exam papers and any uncollected student assignments and midterms should be put in a box, labelled as to the course, term, and section (if applicable), and given to the Undergraduate Studies Admin Coordinator.

3. Upload the final grades to Quest. Information on how to do this can be found in Registrar Resources for Staff and Faculty.

4. Clean up the course account, if applicable, by archiving materials and removing any files that are no longer needed. Delete any email that is no longer necessary. Remove any .forward file or URL redirection that you might have set.

5. Return your office fob and key to Greg McTavish.

6. Return your classroom fob to one of the IST Service Desks, located in the DC library or the Dana Porter library.

7. Make your Piazza class inactive.