Student support

Three students sitting in the Environment Courtyard.Here's a handy directory of important information you should know as an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Environment.

New undergraduate students

We're here to help guide you every step of the way - through the next few months and into your first year as a University of Waterloo Warrior.

Current undergraduate students

Academic advisors and officers

Academic advisors and undergraduate associate chairs are here to help you manoeuvre your way through your undergraduate career.


These online systems will help you be successful at Waterloo.

Course enrolment

Follow these steps to enroll in the courses you need to satisfy your degree requirements.

Program requirements

Learn what is required in order to graduate, including information on specializations, options, and minors.

Exams and grades

Be familiar with final examination regulations and how academic standing is decided.

International exchanges

You can take courses at partner universities around the world, which can be credited towards your degree at Waterloo.

Scholarships, awards, and bursaries

Learn about opportunities to help finance your education.

Get involved

There are countless clubs, associations, teams and activities you can join to enrich your experience at the University of Waterloo.

Academic well-being

Learn about the resources available to assist students experiencing academic difficulties.

About to graduate

Find out what steps you need to take before convocation.