All in a day's work at the Workday mini town hall

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Workday Mini Town Hall banner

More than 70 departments were represented at the Workday Mini Town Hall, hosted by Human Resources on November 27. The event provided employees with an opportunity to learn more about training, resources, and support through the transition to the new HR system.

Kenton Needham, executive director, human resources began the Mini Town Hall by tying HR’s mission and vision into how Workday is designed to better serve employees. “You’re all customers – are you getting the services you deserve, and do we have the systems in place to be able to deliver those services to you?” he asked.

Partnering with Workday will allow HR to meet employees where they expect it, provide improved client service, implement better technology, and ensure that our systems align with Ontario employment legislation.

Needham also spoke about the support employees will receive after Workday launches in January. “When we say success is more than go-live, we don’t mean everything will work perfectly. What we mean is there will be on-going support during and after the system launches. There will be continual updates to the system and we will be offering additional functionality in future releases and looking for more ways we can improve our service to you.”

The panel of experts then addressed frequently asked questions from previous information sessions and questions submitted in advance before the discussion opened up to audience questions. Watch the Workday Mini Town Hall below for the full presentation and Q&A discussion.

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